Nicholas TEH

Research Interests

Individual and Group Fairness in the Allocation of Indivisible Goods

How can we design fair and efficient mechanisms to allocate indivisible items amongst groups of strategic agents? Can we maintain fairness with respect to both individuals and groups? Can we elicit truthful preferences from agents in the process?

Democratic Decision-Making Systems and Civic Participation

How can we design a democratic system for policy decision-making, that ensures the views of the people are best represented in elected bodies? What are the various approaches to civic participation? How can society be engaged in deciding their future?

Population Games for Large-Scale Human-Robot Interaction

How does large groups of (strategic) humans and robots co-adapt as they interact? What behaviours will emerge? What would be the dynamics of their interactions? What outcomes are likely to occur? Can we design a framework to facilitate these studies?

Working Papers

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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